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For creative design and marketing teams, advertising agencies

Cerebro will help you create!

Free up your time to make amazing projects. Efficiently distribute staff workload, monitor activities and keep track of deadlines using Gantt charts, visualization of tasks and their parameters.

Unite your colleagues into a single creative team

Cerebro takes into account the nuances of your work – ensure secure communication between the teams and multiple contractors and work on several projects at once

Comment in one click

Don’t waste your time on meetings – leverage Cerebro to add your audio and visual annotations and speed up the process of receiving feedback!

Erase the boundaries

True collaboration! Cerebro will help you set up communication between employees, freelancers, and clients through user rights and groups.

Combine the needs

There’s no need to use multiple project management systems anymore. Manage deadlines, budget and time in one place.

Cerebro is all you need

Capture your potential with Cerebro’s extensive functionality. Gain new energy to unleash your imagination and enjoy generating creative ideas.

High productivity

High productivity

Try Mirada, the visual annotation system. Record audio messages and draw your comments over presentations, photos and videos. Mark the required edits and send them to your colleagues!

Integration with applications

Integration with applications

You no longer need to worry about the source materials. Work directly from Adobe products or your preferred software – our plugins will automatically carry over your tasks and activities in Cerebro.

Mobile application

Mobile application

A smartphone is all you need to efficiently work in Cerebro. Create and delegate tasks, report on progress and attach files any images and files.

Market leaders choose Cerebro

“For me, the moment you know that a piece of software has caught on is when everyone knows where to look for things. It’s been a while since anyone asked: ‘Where’s this file or the other?’ It’s always in Cerebro, attached to your task.”

Timofei Penkov
N3 Design

“We became a full-service agency and I saw this wonderful word on the Internet – ‘Cerebro’. I went to the website, watched a video, everything was very clear and easy to understand. I was really happy to find it because at the time I really needed something like that – I had staff working all over the country and the world, and it was a lot more convenient to have everything in one tool, without FTP and other legacy technologies from the previous century.”

Dmitrii Filippov
Mandarin advertising agency

“We do everything in Cerebro – assign tasks to employees, pass files over to the client, discuss details with them, use it as a messenger, and so on. Some clients even refuse to discuss anything unless it’s by phone or in Cerebro.”

Yulia Kozhevnikova
Advance Digital

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